Research and Publications

Embodied Cognition Laboratory (Laboratorio de Cognición Corporizada - LabCoCo)

How do the body and the context we are situated in shape the way we perceive, think, behave, and feel?

Our research focuses on the study of perceptual, predictive, attentional, and emotional mechanisms under the embodied cognition framework.

The Embodied Cognition Lab provides a context for the integration of multidisciplinary experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches for the study of how the body and situated action cycles grounded in the physical properties of the environment shape cognitive processes. We have a special interest in the study, understanding, and computational modeling of the predictive, attentional, and emotional mechanisms involved in embodied cognitive processes, as well as the study of the interaction between perception and action, affordances, prediction error minimization, prediction error dynamics, and internal models.



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